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C86300 SAE430B Manganese Bronze Flange Bushings Solid Lubricant Centrifugal Casting

C86300 SAE430B Manganese Bronze Flange Bushings Solid Lubricant Centrifugal Casting

  • C86300 SAE430B Manganese Bronze Flange Bushings Solid Lubricant Centrifugal Casting
  • C86300 SAE430B Manganese Bronze Flange Bushings Solid Lubricant Centrifugal Casting
  • C86300 SAE430B Manganese Bronze Flange Bushings Solid Lubricant Centrifugal Casting
C86300 SAE430B Manganese Bronze Flange Bushings Solid Lubricant Centrifugal Casting
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Place of Origin: MADE IN CHINA
Brand Name: TOB Brass Bronze Bearings
Certification: ISO 16949
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Detailed Product Description
Model Number: Cylinder Bearings,Cylinder Bearings With Flange Application: Bronze Bushings Online • Sliding Bearings Manufacturers • Self-lubricating Bushing Suppliers
Certification: FIBRO Standard Supply Ability: Bronze Sleeve Bushings, China, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factory, Wholesale, Metallic Self Lubricating Bushings, Cast Iron Bearing, Sleeve Bushing, POM Bearing, Cast Iron Plain Bearing, Lubrication Bronze Bushing
Bushing Material: CuZn25Al5 Bronze +Graphite,Bronze With Solid Lubricant,CuZn25AI5Mn4Fe3 Bushing Application: Parts Repair And Fabrication Services (Heavy Equipments, Automotive, Shipping Industry, Machinery, Etc)
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C86300 Manganese Bronze Bushings


Centrifugal Casting Bronze Flange Bushings


SAE430B Bronze Flange Bushings

C86300 SAE430B Manganese Bronze Flange Bushings With Solid Lubricant Plugs Centrifugal Casting

Graphite Plugged Solid Lubricant Bearings Extremely High Load Capacity. Graphite Plugged Bushings Bronzebuchsen Gleitlager Custom Parts & Cast Bronze Bushings Selbstschmierende Gleitlager

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Graphite Plugged Products are a complete line self lubricated products that excel whenever standard lubrication is impractical, including heavy load, high temperature applications. They are manufactured from a variety of copper alloys including Aluminum Bronze (CDA 954), Bearing Bronze (CDA 932) and Manganese Bronze (CDA 863).
Available as Graphite Plugged Bearings, Washers and Self Lubricated Wear plates.


C86300 Manganese Bronze Cast Graphite Bushings are a high-strength, non-heat-treatable copper alloy designed for use in applications requiring a good combination of outstanding wear characteristics and high load carrying capacity at high loads and low speeds.


  • Flange Solid Bronze Metallic Self-lubricating Bearings
  • Copper Cast Bronze Bearings / Flanged Bronze Bearings
  • Cast Bronze Bearing with Graphite Plugs

graphite plugged bronze bushings



CuZn25Al5 C86300 UNS, mechanical properties as manufactured.Very high strength values. Bearings at high load and low sliding speed.C86300 Manganese Bronze Bushings To find and order parts online from the china factory, simply type the part number from our Solid Bronze Bushes catalog.
Centrifugal Casting Bushing C86300 Bronze Metallic Self-Lubricating Bushings / Plain Bearings Cast Bronze with solid lubricant plugs - Metric Engineered for a Longer More Reliable Service Life

  • C86300* Manganese Bronze Flange Bushings

  • C93200* Leaded Tin BronzeSleeve Bushings

  • C95400* Aluminum Bronze Bushings Material

c86300 bronze bushing

Cast C86300 Manganese Bronze Bushings a solid copper alloy bearing bushing casting produced by centrifugal casting, and belongs to the machining field.
Centrifugal casting is a technique and method of injecting liquid metal into a high-speed rotating casting mold so that the liquid metal moves in centrifugal motion and fills the mold and forms the casting.Because of the centrifugal movement, the liquid metal can well fill the mold and form the free surface of the casting in the radial direction.Cylindrical inner hole can be obtained without core.Helps to remove gases and inclusions from the liquid metal;It affects the crystallization process of metal and improves the mechanical and physical properties of casting.
Manganese bronze alloys can operate under very high loads and speeds. However, bearing applications require reliable lubrication. Besides excellent mechanical qualities, these alloys have good corrosion resistance. The standard alloy in this group is high tensile C86300, which is comprised of copper, manganese, aluminum and iron. This combination raises the tensile strength to over 110,000 KSI.
Category:ASTM Casting Copper Alloy
Type:Lead Free Brass
Hot Selling Graphite Copper Oiles Bearing Metal Sleeve Guide bushing 500# Self Lubricated Bush

Chemical Composition (%max., unless shown as range or min.)


Chemical Composition mass/%

Cu Sn Al Fe Mn Ni Pb Si P Zn
60-66 0.2 5.0-7.5 2.0-4.0 2.5-5.0 1 0.2 _ _ _


Mechanical properties

Tensile strength Mpa(Min) Yield strength MPa(Min) Elongation % Brinell hardness(HB)
758 427 14 225



1, In Chemical Composition, Single values represent maximums.
2, Mechanical performance of hardness value is only for reference

Solid Bronze Metallic CuZn25AI5Mn4Fe3 Plug Graphite Cast Bronze Bearings pile driver

TOB-50 Solid Bronze Metallic Self-lubricating Bearings Cast Bronze Bearing with Graphite Plugs


Typical Applications


Pile driver Bronze Bearings




Structure Characteristics and Applications

TOB-50 Solid Lubricating Bearing is produced by strengthening brass that has good physical performance and good capability for casting. What's more, the brass material has pretty good anti-erosion abitity in air, fresh water and sea water. The surface is regularly and finely machined with sockets in which particular solid lubricant is filled. The product is widely used on consecutive casting and rolling machines, mine-exploiting equipments, ships, steam engine, etc.


Solid Lubricant Casting Aluminum Bronze Bearings Bushings


with Solid Graphite Lubrication. Various material specifications, standard and special shapes are also available

TOB-50 Solid lubricating bearings

1. May work without any ol for long period
2. Extremely high load capacity, good anti-wear and lower friction
3. Particularly appropriate for low speed and high load
4. Suitable for reciprocating, oscillation or intermittent motion where oil film is hard to be formed
5. Good chemical resistant and anti-corrosion characteristics
6. Can b€ used in wide range of temperature from -40℃-+300℃




TOB-50 Solid Lubricant Sliding Bearings material is made of strong cast bronze based metal with special solid lubricants embedded. The base metal withstands high load and the solid lubricants provide self-lubrication. The bearing shows excellent performance without pre-lubrication under conditions of extreme high/low temperature with low speed. This material provides a maintenance-free bearing solution, particularly for high load, intermittent of oscillating motion.

Technical Data

Grade 50# 50S1 50S2 50S3 650S5
Material CuZn25AI5Mn4Fe3 CuSn5Pb5Zn5 CuAI10Ni5Fe5 CuSn12 CuZn25AI5Mn4Fe3
Density 8 8.9 7.8 8.9 8
Hardness ≥210 ≥70 ≥150 ≥75 ≥235
Tensile strength ≥750 ≥250 ≥500 ≥270 ≥800
Yield strength ≥450 ≥90 ≥260 ≥150 ≥450
Elongation ≥12 ≥13 ≥10 ≥5 ≥8
Coefficient o linear expansion 1.9×10-5/℃ 1.8×10-5/℃ 1.6×10-5/℃ 1.8×10-5/℃ 1.9×10-5/℃
Max.Temp. -40~+300℃ -40~+400℃ -40~+400℃ -40~+400℃ -40~+300℃
Max.dynamic load 100 60 50 70 120
Max.speed(Dry) 15 10 20 10 15
N/mm²*m/s(Lubrication) 200 60 60 80 200
Compression deformation < 0.01 mm < 0.05mm < 0.04mm < 0.05mm < 0.005mm


Chemical Compositions


Product NO. Chemical Compositions
TOB-50 Cu Zn Al Fe Mn Si Ni Sn Pb
60~66 22~28 5.0~8.0 2.0~4.0 2.5~5.0 <0.1 <0.5 <0.2 <0.2

Bearing forms available in standard dimensions
· Cylindrical bushes
· Flanged bushes
· Sliding plates

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graphite bronze bushing

graphite plugged bronze bushings

China C86300 SAE430B Manganese Bronze Flange Bushings With Solid Lubricant Plugs Centrifugal Casting wholesale

C86300 SAE430B Manganese Bronze Flange Bushings With Solid Lubricant Plugs Centrifugal Casting Images


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