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Selflube Bronze Washer Oilless With Graphite Insert Metal Bush

Selflube Bronze Washer Oilless With Graphite Insert Metal Bush

  • Selflube Bronze Washer Oilless With Graphite Insert Metal Bush
  • Selflube Bronze Washer Oilless With Graphite Insert Metal Bush
Selflube Bronze Washer Oilless With Graphite Insert Metal Bush
Product Details:
Place of Origin: MADE IN CHINA
Brand Name: TOB Brass Bronze Bearings
Certification: ISO 16949
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Minimum Order Quantity: Standard Size Bushing No Minimum Order Quantity
Price: negotiated
Packaging Details: Standard Export Cartons or Pallets
Delivery Time: negotiated
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: negotiated
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Detailed Product Description
Supply Ability: Plug Graphite Bearings, China, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Factory, Wholesale, Metal Journal Bearing, DU Self Lubricating Bearing, Composite Thrust Bearing, Composite Self Lubricating Bushings, Graphite Alloy Bearing, Flange Cast Iron Bearing Application: Excavators Bushings, Die/Mold Industry, Self-lubricating Bearing For Heavy Load Application
Lubrication: Embedded Lubricant At Flange Allows To Bear Radial Journal Load And Thrust Load At The Same Time. FEATURES: Excellent Corrosion And Chemical Resistance.Maintenance-free,Excellent Wear Resistance,Low Friction,high Temperature Resistance
Bushing Application: Parts Repair And Fabrication Services (Heavy Equipments, Automotive, Shipping Industry, Machinery, Etc)
High Light:

Plug Graphite Bearings


Embedded Lubricant Bronze Washer


Bronze Washer Oilless

Selflube Bronze Washer Oilless With Graphite Insert Metal Bush

Selflube Bronze Washer Oilless Washer,
Plate Bearing Bearing Graphite Oil Free Bush Straight Bronze Washer,

oilless slide plate,wear plate, graphite plugged #500 sp oils pad. Slide Plate Thickness 10mm-Steel Type. Slide Plate Thickness 20mm-Bronze Type.

Bearings With Graphite Insert Washer, SelfLube Washer OILLESS WASHER bronze

Oil Free Washer
Oil Free Washer for universal use in many dry application such as die/mold, machinery,
automation, construction, automobile. The Oil Free bush is self lubrication and work without grease.

Material : #500SP
(High Strength Brass / Copper Alloy + Solid Lubricant)

Manufacturer Code


Bearings with graphite insert, Self Lubricating Bronze Bushings Wit Ball, Need Assistance? Call Or Email Us.Engineering Support Available
Request a quote, Bearings With Graphite Insert Catalogs and Brochures Available.

Bronze Bearings with graphite insert in High & Low Temps, Graphite Bushings and Bearings. Increased productivity. Reduced costs & downtime. Services: Custom Design, Engineering Support, Short Lead Times.



No. d D T P.C.D Number of Holes Flat Head Screw d1
6 6.2 25 3 15 2 M3 3.5
8 8.2 28 18
10 10.2 30 20
12 12.2 40 28
13 13.2
14 14.2
15 15.2 50 35
16 16.2
18 18.2
20 20.2 5 M5 6
25 25.2 55 40
30 30.2 60 45
35 35.2 70 50
40 40.2 80 7 60 M6 7
45 45.3 90 67.5
50 50.3 100 8 75 4
55 55.3 110 85
60 60.3 120 90 M8 9
65 65.3 125 95
70 70.3 130 10 100
75 75.3 140 110
80 80.3 150 120
90 90.5 170 140 M10 11
100 100.5 190 160
120 120.5 200 175

Metallic, self-lubricating bushings are made up of one of four basic compositions: Strong Cast Bronze, Bronze Bushings


Since bearings usually receive a lot of frictional resistance that generates heat, lubricants such as oil or grease are used to prevent the seizing or abnormal wear that this frictional heat could otherwise cause. Lubrication-free bushings don't need lubricating oil because the bearing body has a lubricating structure made possible by lubricating oil in the bearing body, or by embedded solid lubricant or the like. Since they don't need lubricating oil, lubrication-free bushings are often used for applications such as precision machinery that makes lubricating oil refilling difficult, and equipment with poor affinity to oil. They also greatly reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need for regular lubrication and enabling stable operation over long periods. Lubrication-free bushings come in a variety of shapes that can be used for different applications as needed. Examples include straight bushings, collar bushings, flange bushings, and housing bushings.

Our bearings have been developed for high load, low speed applications and are made from rotationally cast high strength bronze using a specially formed graphite plug as a lubricant.
Our range of oil free washers are available in metric and imperial sizes. Our in-house machining service can produce non-standard sizes to meet customer's specific needs.


SOBW Bronze Thrust Washer / Oilless bush, copper alloy washer type


Graphite Impregnated Bronze Slide Plate at Best Price

Choose from our selection of bronze thrust washers, including embedded graphite thrust bearings, bronze thrust bearings, and more. Customized Size and brass thrust washer material.




Self-lubricating bearings and sliders embedded with solid lubricants, under the action of friction heat, expand the solid lubricant, automatically transfer to the friction surface, form a layer of lubricating film to prevent metal-to-metal contact, thereby reducing friction factor and wear, and improve The bearing capacity of the bearing. Metal skeleton, according to the needs of gear pump bearing users, bronze, cast iron, cast steel, stainless steel, non-metallic skeleton can be used bakelite, phenolic plastic, nylon and so on.


Second, the characteristics of inlaid bearings and sliders: Self-lubricating bearings and sliders with solid lubricants are made of 10 kinds of lubricating materials with excellent lubricating properties and special lengths, some of which can accept under heavy load. The bearing pressure is on the 2 um thick JDB solid inlaid bearing film, the friction speed of 40m per second can withstand the contact stress of 2800Mpa; some components, low shear force between molecules, low adhesion is easy to form Molecular slip surface, only in the lubrication layer of 2.5um thickness, there are about 40,000 JDB bronze inlaid bearing slip surface, which plays a key role in the lubrication performance of solid lubricant; some components are at 399 °C high temperature, The friction factor is normal; some components have good lubrication properties in normal temperature, normal load, high friction speed, vacuum, and atmosphere. In short, self-lubricating solid lubricants with inlaid bearings and sliders can be adapted to the friction conditions of various working conditions. The friction factor is mostly between 0.006 and 0.09.

Third, the use of inlaid bearings, sliders: Inlaid bearings and sliders are embedded in the skeleton by solid lubricants, self-lubricating friction operation, ideally solve the pollution problems caused by liquid lubricants in the lubrication process, so Widely used in food machinery, pharmaceutical machinery and other non-polluting environments. The solid lubricant used in the inlaid bearing and the slider has the characteristics of large load bearing, so it is very suitable for the heavy-duty, low-speed, high-temperature, water vapor and other corrosion conditions and the inconvenient and frequently lubricated working conditions of the oil film. Used in mining, metallurgy, petroleum, geology, chemical, paper, bridges, hydraulic hubs, ships, aerospace and other industrial sectors. The most outstanding results, such as steel ladle cranes and 1150 roughing mills, are 6-8 times longer than the original bearing pads. Various rolling mills, shearing machines, cold bed sliders (pipe pullers), pharmaceutical machines, twisting pots, rubber mill bearings, floating crane bearings, textile mill dryers, non-ferrous metal rolling mills, steel plates for heavy-duty vehicles The pin bushing, the twisting mixer of the chemical plant, the roller bearing of the coal mine conveyor, the inner sleeve of the drilling machine deep rod pump, the protective drill sleeve and the guiding bushings, sliders and cam discs on various equipments are all very obvious. .
Fourth, the use of inlaid bearings, sliders:
(1) Inlaid bearings and sliders have been coated with a special layer of grease on the friction surface before leaving the factory. Do not soil the friction table during installation. Do not wipe off the grease! ! ! If it is rubbed off, please replace it with molybdenum disulfide lithium grease, but it must be run at low speed for a period of time before the test run, in order to operate normally. When using heavy load equipment, you must purchase special grease repaint from the seller. .
(2) When installing the inlaid bearing, it must ensure a certain sliding clearance to prevent jamming and damage the bearing and the machine.
(3) When installing the inlaid bearing, it should ensure that the shaft diameter with which it is rubbed has a good cylindricity, so that it has sufficient contact area with the bearing, otherwise it will seriously affect the service life of the bearing or damage immediately.
Five, inlaid bearings, sliders factory specifications: This product is widely used in many industries, so it is difficult to unify specifications.

viiplus is a professional manufacturer on various kind of bearings over 15 years China factory.
We are making all kinds of slide bearings including
DU PTFE composit bushing, DX POM composite bushing,bimetal bushing,wrapped bronze bushing, cast sliding bushings and wear plate bearing pad, sintered bronze bushing and sintering parts, ball transfer bearings, etc.
The shapes of bearings can be in sleeve, flanged, spherical, plate, washer, pad, ring, square etc.
Base materials in carbon steel, harden steel, iron, stainless steel, bronze, brass, copper, bronze-steel alloy.Lubricant materials in PTFE, , POM, nylon, plastic, oil, graphite, grease, MoS2, etc.

Export to Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein,America,Canada,Brazil,Peru,Argentina,Chile,Paraguay,Europe,Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein,Britain,Finland,France,Germany,Italy,Spain,Sweden,,Estonia,Ukraine,Turkey,Austrial,Russia,Korea,Malaysia,Singapore,Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama,Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominica, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Barbados, Trinidad and more Bagh, Puerto Rico, Anguilla,Thailand,Egypt,Kenya,Somali,Congo,Zimbabwe,South Africa,etc.



Oil Free Washers - Select, configure, order.


Washer, self-lubricating


Plain Thrust Washer, Graphite Plugged Thrust Washer, and Oil / Grease Grooved Thrust Washer.


High hardness impregnated brass solid lubrication bearing is improved upon viiplus.com by further enhance the hardness of high hardness brass, giving rise to higher load-bearing capacity and better wear-resistant property. The products are widely used in continuous casting rolling machines, mining equipment, engineering equipment, injection-molding machines, etc. Because of its high hardness, it's difficult to machining and finish, it's recommended only for really high load applications.

Basic material CuZn25A16Fe3Mn3 Dynamic load 120N/mm²
Base hardness HB210~275 Friction Coef <0.16
Temperature Max 300℃ Speed limit dry 0.4m/s oil 5m/s


Bronze alloy metallic bearings bronze thrust washer with graphite plugs provides both the good wear resistance and great self-lubricating feature of the bearings.

This designation enables the bearings to be operated without oiling or greasing maintenance.

It is widely used in the field of high load and intermittent movement as well as oscillating movement conditions such as automobile assembling line, Water Turbine, Gate dams, and Plastic Injection Machinery.

Depending on different working conditions, a variety of types of different alloys are available.




The material of the bronze thrust washer is made of a strong cast bronze base metal with built-in special solid lubricants. prelubrication under extremely high / low temperature conditions at low speed. This material provides a maintenance-free bearing solution, especially for high loads, intermittent oscillating motion.


This type of bearing can be applied in dry, high temperature, high pressure, corrosive environment, with water or other chemicals when it is not possible to introduce oil.


It is now widely used in automotive product line, water engineering, dam gates, plastic industries, later casting machines, steel rollers in metallurgical industry, mineral machinery ships, turbo generators , in hydraulic turbines and injection molding machines.


Self-lubricating Thrust Washer Standard Metric Size


The bronze thrust washers are manufactured from a variety of Bronze Alloys, including: C95400 Aluminum Bronze, C93200 Bearing Bronze and C86300 Manganese Bronze.


We provide your desired Thrust Washers according to the specifications you require.


Bronze Thrust Washer Feature


Bronze alloy CuZn25Al5Mn4Fe3 + Graphite plugs


Oilless bearings are designed for high load, low speed applications and are made from rotationally cast high strength bronze using a specially shaped graphite plug as a lubricant.

Our range of oil-free washers are available in metric and imperial sizes. Our in-house machining service can produce custom-made products that meet specific customer requirements.

Bronze Thrust Washer Structures

Bronze thrust washer with solid lubricant plug (graphite)


① Solid lubricant film
② Solid lubricant plug
③ Bronze backing


Material features


  1. Provides long-term operation without maintenance;
  2. Suitable for high static and dynamic loads;
  3. With low and smooth coefficient of friction and no stick-slip effects;
  4. Suitable for dirty, corrosive, shock and edge loads;
  5. The base material has good shock-absorbing ability;
  6. Can be used over a wide temperature range;
  7. Suitable for reciprocating, rotating and oscillating motion with an initial frequency
  8. The complexity of the formation of an oil film;
  9. Low wear and long service life.


Oilless Thrust Washer, Oil Free Copper Alloy Washers - Select, configure, order


Oilless Bearing, Graphite Plugged Bearing, Solid Bronze Bearing, Sliding Bearing, Dry Bearing & Pre-lubrication Plain Bearing and Bushing


High Tensile Brass Alloy, Solid Lubricant Embedded


Various Size, Various Application Available



Bronze Thrust Washer Characteristics


Bronze Thrust Washer With Graphite Insert provides both the good wear resistance and great self-lubricating feature of the bearings. This designation enables the bearings to be operated without oiling or greasing maintenance.


  • The bronze thrust washer with graphite plugs provides both good wear resistance and excellent self-lubricating function of this washer.
  • This designation allows the thrust washer to be operated without oiling or greasing maintenance.
  • It is widely used in the field of high load and intermittent motion as well as oscillating motion condition.


Self-Lubricating Bronze Thrust Washer Technical Data


Density 8.0 g/cm3
Hardness >210 HB
Tensile strength >750 N/mm2
Yeild strength >450 N/mm2
Elongation >8
Coefficient of linear expansion 1.9x10-5/°C
Operating temperature -40°C~+300°C
Max. Dynamic Load 120
Max. Speed Dry 0.4 m/s
Oil 1.0 m/s
Max. PV limit Dry 1.5 N/mm2.m/s
Oil 3.25 N/mm2.m/s
Friction Dry 0.12~0.16 μ
Oil 0.03~0.08 μ


Bronze Thrust Washer Applications


The Oilless Bronze Thrust Washer is widely used in below:

1. Heavy duty tractor and farm equipment
2. Mining equipment
3. Forestry equipment
4. Mixing tank blade shaft support
5. Foundry, furnace and steel production equipment
6. HVAC applications
7. Heavy duty casters and wheel support bearings
8. Oven kart veneer drying applications, and possibly other applications




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